K-2 Spring Fling Olympics

Our annual event for Kindergarten, 1st & 2nd graders is coming up the Friday after Spring Break, April 6th from 2:30-4:30!  This event is fun for the kids, we will have an inflatable, lots of games and popcorn & popsicles (limited due to allergies).  We encourage the kids to get into the spirit by dressing up. Let your imagination fly there is no right or wrong, just school appropriate :-)  There is no head to head competition here, we just like to come up with a fun theme to run with.

Parents, We need your help!

  • Please send in your permission slip, with pick up person & $2 before Spring Break so that we can limited the reminders sent when we return.  This will be a big help!

  • We need parent volunteers for the party on April 6th.  Please sign up at….bit.ly/FKESpringFling2018

  • Please review dismissal instructions!