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Fall Fund Drive

The FKE Fall Fund Drive and Why You Should Contribute –

Instead of asking families to participate in commercial fundraisers throughout the year, FKE families are asked to make a tax-deductible donation to the FKE PTO. We never ask for a specific dollar amount from any family. The amount that we suggest for donation is $75 per student to ensure we are able to fund the years calendar of PTO events and support for FKE classrooms. Any amount that your family can contribute will help us meet that goal and prevent us from having to ask students to participate in sales based fundraising this year. Donating to the FKE Fall Fund Drive allows 100% of your monetary donation to be used for programming, instead of having to share the proceeds with a fundraising vendor.

The Fall Fun Drive is the primary source of funding for the entire PTO calendar of events.

Did you know that nationally, on average, teachers spend more than $500 on supplies for their classrooms? That is why the FKE PTO builds financial support into the annual operating budget for financial support for teachers and classrooms. 64% of the PTO’s annual budget is spent on classroom support and teacher appreciation efforts. 23% of the budget is allocated to provide students with educational incentives and events that are educational enrichments, like Learn at Every Turn, the FKE annual Science Fair and Speech Program. 10% of the annual budget is spent providing the students with fun events such as: Spring Fling, Winter Social and the 4th Grade Celebration as well providing funding for community building events such as Open House and FKE Family Nights. 3% of the budget is allocated to charitable efforts to benefit students in need.

PTO Budget – What does your Fall Fund Contribution Fund?

Without your contribution, none of this amazing programming would be possible.